Basic Enhancement Package
($120 includes return US shipping)

Includes the following:

Eye color change or enhancement of original color
Eyebrow details
Lip color change/shading
matching manicure/pedicure
Eyeshadow/eyeliner/eyelashes (painted only)
nose shading (if desired)
Body blushing (breastbone)

Enhancement Services

More Examples
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Ala carte Enhancements:
(please include $10 return US shipping)

Eye color change - $40:  Includes a new color, eyeball is NOT moved, added shading on the whites, details added

Factory enhancing the original color - $25: shading whites, details added

Eye movement - $15 (example, side-glancing to front) Only available with eye color enhancement

Eyebrow feathering - $10

New eyebrows (removed then repainted) - $25

Eyeshadow changed or enhanced, eyeliner added $20

Lip color change or enhancement of the original color - $30

Breast Enhancement - $25:  Includes sculpted nipples, breastbone blushing, curve of breasts.  Male dolls - add $5 if chesthair is desired

Hair services (perm/style $40, straightening/style $30 )  Re-rooting IS NOT offered