Why I chose Truly Scrumptious:

 As a child, one of my first movie memories was going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the theater with my Mom and sister. I remember falling in love with this movie, especially the amazing Sally Ann Howes in her portrayal of Truly Scrumptious. What a beautiful woman in a magical role. She had beauty, spunk, bravery and so much love to give others. 

The Music Box scene was entrancing and I loved the interaction with Dick Van Dyke singing the duet with her as she spun on her pedestal. Although I have to admit that the child catcher was terrifying and a great lesson to not take candy from strangers.

When movie musicals came up as our current repaint project, I was so excited as I teach drama and music. I immediately decided that my doll would be Truly Scrumptious, which I hope will honor Sally Ann Howes legacy in this role and make another collector feel lucky to have her in their collection. This doll is a collaboration with Becky Unger from Rebecca’s Gallery.

Truly Scrumptious - Doll, revolving stand, Box, Mirrored background.

$650 plus insured shipping