Factory Dolls, Repaints, Repaint resales (Open to splits if I can find a buyer for both) LOTS MORE TO COME

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Available Dolls

Good for Gene body donors or repainting practice (any 2 Gene dolls $20 plus shipping, any 3 Gene dolls $25)

#1  Blank faced Gene with snood SA no yellowing  $10
#2  Partially repianted brunette Gene SA No yellowing $10
#3  Partially repainted Hortensia bald, BA $20 sold
#4  Partially repainted blonde Gene doll no yellowing $10
#5 Partially repainted Suzette BA $15  sold
#6  partially (badly) repainted Madra BA no yellowing  $10 SOLD
#7 Partially repainted blonded Gene (bad hair) SA no yellowing $10

Dolls for sale:

Monte Carlo American Model
Displayed condition Never redressed -$300

Sheer Glamour Displayed in glass cabinet $140 - Split requested for Gown - anyone just want the doll?

Hope Tyler Displayed in glass cabinet $175
Masquerade Cinderella Displayed in glass cabinet (different gown by Janie Hunt) $175

Calendar Girl Sydney Displayed in glass cabinet $175

 Sydney Candescence Displayed in glass cabinet $125

Spellbinding Sydney Nude $75  SALE $60 SOLD

Sydney Guinevere Displayed in glass cabinet $125

Carol Burnett Went with the Wind Displayed ($25)
Dream of Jeannie Barbie Displayed ($40)
Evil Queen Displayed ($30)
Monet Water Lily Barbie Displayed ($25)
Renoir Reflections of Light Barbie Displayed ($35)
Sunflower Barbie Displayed ($25)
Sandy Barbie (Yellow) Displayed ($15-20)
Rizzo Barbie (pink) Displayed ($25)
Sandy Cheerleader Displayed ($30)
Frenchie (Pink) Displayed $25Fantasy Goddess of Arctic ($150)
Grace Kelly to Catch a Thief Displayed $60
Blushing Bride Porcelain Barbie Displayed $10
Birds Of Beauty Barbie collection of 3 Displayed $75
Maria Sound of Music Displayed $10

Christabelle (rare) - displayed, mint with box $150
Camelot King Arthur and Guinevere $75


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Crystal Blue Tyler FAO Displayed in glass cabinet $150

Ghost of Christmas Future (Black) Displayed in glass cabinet $225 SALE $200  

Strolling Down Sauder Lane Displayed in glass cabinet $225
SALE $200
Tres Jolie Sydney - rare  Displayed in glass cabinet $225 SALE $200
Celebration - VERY rare convention doll  Displayed in glass cabinet $300  SALE $250
Stroke of Midnight Sydney - VERY Rare Displayed in glass cabinet $300  SALE $250
Rogue Rouge Convention Gene doll - VERY  rare Displayed in Glass Cabinet  $300  SALE $250
Grand Opening Mera Very Rare - Displayed in Glass Cabinet $250  SALE $225
Dream Sequence Madra Lord Convention doll VERY rare Displayed in Glass Cabinet $300  SALE $250
Animal Magnetism Marilyn Monroe Displayed in Glass Cabinet $150
Surprise Engagement UFDC 2008 Daphne Displayed in Glass Cabinet - super rare $300  SALE $250
I Take Thee Matt Displayed in Glass Cabinet Rare $200 SALE $175
I Take Thee Tyler Displayed in Glass Cabinet $200  SALE $175
Perfect Ten Tyler - gorgeous Displayed in Glass  Cabinet $175  SALE $150
BJD Soah Face-up by me, some normal yellowing but not bad at all.  She will come with her wig, eyes, Earrings, hat, and the outfit shown  $800  SALE $650
Antoinette The Parrot from Convention Displayed in glass cabinet - Super rare $300 SALE $250
High Seas Elizabeth Swann Displayed in glass case $150
Sydney Royale - stunning doll super rare Displayed in glass cabinet $300  SALE $225
Patricia Holt Convention doll enhanced by me  Displayed in glass case
$275  SALE $225

Holiday Mint Ashleigh Displayed in glass case $150  
Star of the Red Carpet - Super rare Displayed in glass case $250 SALE $200
Martini Minx Jac - Super rare Displayed in glass case $250 SALE $200
Joan Crawford Walk of fame - Displayed in glass case SUPER rare  $300  SALE $250
Laurie Leigh Glinda Repaint  (NUDE - outfit not included)  Displayed in glass case $200  SALE $175

Laurie Leigh Repaint (w/wig) Displayed in glass case and outfit $250  SALE $225
OOAK House of Troy Gown only (NO DOLL, fur, jewelry or shoes)  $175 ON HOLD
House of Troy Black Beaded Gown only (Doll jewelry not included) $125 
Bright Purple behind black gown is also available - $125
Scottish Highlander OOAK GAW doll - Never displayed $200 SALE $175
House of Troy Dress ONLY Never displayed $125 ON HOLD 
Designer OOAK beaded silk gowns ONLY (Repaints, jewelry and shoes NOT included  $150 each  SALE $125 each
Grazie - rare convention doll enhanced by me - upgraded jewelry by Facets by Marcia $300 SALE $250
Sybil Child doll 22 inches by Little Companion - so cute - displayed  $50
Arctic Princess Barbie displayed SUPER rare $300  SALE $250

​ Ghost of Christmas past (White dress ) 
  Displayed in glass cabinet $175 - SALE $150 

Prince Charming Groom (Cinderella)  Displayed in Glass cabinet -  VERY RARE  $350

Prince Charming (Blue coat) Displayed in glass cabinet $140
Time Flies Lizette - VERY RARE 2012  LE 250

Longing Convention doll (Blue) Displayed in glass cabinet $200  SALE $175
Cleveland Rocks Displayed in glass cabinet $100
Paintbox dress never displayed $50
NRFB Tyler Wentorth Convention exclusive  $100 - on Hold

Confection American Model Displayed condition Never redressed complete $375  SALE $325
Winter Solstice American Model displayed condition Never redressed complete $475  SALE $400

Primavera American Model Displayed condition Never redressed $375
SALE $325

Unforgettable American Model Displayed condition Never redressed $200
Marilyn American Model Displayed condition 
Never redressed Very Rare – $500  Sale $425

Madeleine Rose Couture 2-piece LImited Edition
Never displayed  $125

Mera Diva Displayed in glass cabinet $250 Split requested for outfit - Nude doll available if you would like to split (Doll $125, Outfit $125) Complete doll still available
Autumn Weekend - rare - Displayed in glass cabinet  $200
Wilde Rose Ello (no original shoes – will come with replacement shoes shown), replacement Tyler stand - Displayed in glass cabinet $400  SALE  $350 
​Cami Flamingo Flights of Fancy Displayed in glass cabinet $175

Winter Wonderland Alice Displayed in glass cabinet $175
Mod Ava - Displayed in glass cabinet $100
Marilyn Monroe In a Dream NRFB MINT  $125

Masquerade Hortencia Displayed in glass cabinet $200
Masquerade Euphemia Displayed in glass cabinet $250  SALE $225

Maleficent 19 in. Tonner doll Sleeping Beauty collection - Displayed in glass case $150 ON HOLD
Anniversary convention Celebration Tyler NRFB $120
House of Troy gorgeous beaded gown $125 (doll not included but for sale seperately)
Laurie Leigh Tyler repaint - gorgeous!~  Hair is a little fuzzy on the ends (I got her as a resale), but it doesn't detract from her amazing face.BA body, tiny chip on shoulder. Comes nude (no stand).  $150
Tyler Repaint - complete with outifit:  Gloves, bracelet, hair accessory, shoes, gown, and earrings.  Stand not included  $150
Joy Kim Carrie Chan repaint Comes nude, no stand.  Body is yellowing.  $125

Tyler Repaint by Lisa Gate BA, comes nude no stand - Beautiful $175
Mrs. Claus repaint by me, complete outfit.  Displayed in Glass case.  $250